Sunday, March 17, 2013

First skirmish report

I have added my first skirmish report up on the Skirmish report page. I hope it makes sense!

Monday, March 11, 2013

In the Beginning

This site will be dedicated to all things related to Empire of the Dead. A Steampunk horror/fantasy skirmish game from Westwind Productions. In time I will be adding more 'stuff' to the site. The name for the site is based on an actual club which exists in London.

The Savage Club was founded in 1857 and remains one of the leading Bohemian Gentleman's Clubs in London. Clubs elsewhere have borrowed both the name and the style, which continues to be the 'pursuit of happiness' - a quest made infinitely more agreeable by the fellowship of members who are known to each other by the sobriquet "Brother Savage"
(Taken without permission from the front page of the Savage Club's website)

I will try to update regularly but with as with all things related to real life this can be quite a challenge. I have created several pages in addition to the blog frontpage. You'll be able to find a modelling page. This section will contain all things relating to creating  a suitable gaming world for EMotD. As well as featuring my painting efforts I will put up info relating to any terrain building projects.

The Casebook is an opportunity for me to indulge in some fictional writing. I may well use this on a wider scale in the future for developing scenarios for skirmish games.

Finally there is the  Skirmish Reports section. In here you'll be able to find AAR's relating to games played at my local club. Well that's a brief synopsis of my intentions for this site. In the meantime I am awaiting for the Empire of the Dead: Requiem to arrive at my door in June. Until then I will be reading the rules and buying some 'jolly good fellows' when I head to Salute 2013 later next month.