Monday, May 4, 2015

Pulp Terrain Project

For the last ten years my brother has been heavily involved in his cars, he owns a couple of Mopars, recently however I have reignited his passion for Gaming with the Pulp Alley rules. He regularly ran Cthulhu RPG sessions and enjoys the work of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard.

I got talking him to him about the genre as several of the local war games club members had been championing the cause. I discussed with him some ideas for creating a new pulp Wargaming table, a 4' x 4' playing area. A couple days later I received an email, followed by a. Trawl of text messages as he had gone and designed a new board, incorporating sewers. What follows is the journey he and I, his able assistant, are undertaking.

The base boards are made from 6mm MDF, with the sides being 18mm MDF.The height of the boards is 2". This is a British project so be advised measurements will come in both Imperial and Metric.

The plan is to countersink magnets to the top and sides of the boards. This way they should lock together reducing the gaps which appear on the gaming surface. The other cool thing is that the top boards will have magnets so that terrain tiles will be interchangeable, thus being able to create different locations.

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